Laona M. Kitchen Foundation: Thanks and Gratitudes to LMK

Thanks and Gratitudes to LMK

The LMK Foundation is pleased to have helped many families working hard to care for loved ones fighting Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia. Since our inception of May 1, 2013, we have helped over 220 families and are in the process of helping an additional 40+ families.


I personally can not thank you enough in our time of need. You have flown in our lives as our Guardian Angel!!! Helping senior citizens with the kindness of your heart is truly a gift from God. I hope you continue to serve others with your heart of gold and continue his work. God Bless. - Most gratified, Patti and Sam Progosh, 6/11/16


Dear Mr. Kitchen
 - Thank you for the treasured gift of 1 1/2 days of respite care via an LMK Foundation grant. My husband and I were able to step aside from the home and spend some marvelous time together, without the responsibility for my mom's care. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and blessing. - Sincerely, JWA (daughter of NW, age 98, who has lived with us since 2002), 12/26/15


Respite Care Thank You
- This is a wonderful foundation.  I was able to leave for a family emergency. The financial assistance allowed me peace of mind during my trip as I am a  full time caregiver.  Also helpful for brief respite care.  I highly recommend using this gift to us caregivers.  Also very quick to respond for your request. - Patti Renyolds

Thanks and Gratitude - This is a brief note of thanks to you and the LMK Foundation, for your generosity and kindness to me and our family for a $500 respite care voucher. We plan to use it...during the month of March when we've planned a trip, out-of-town, to visit family members, whom we've been unable to visit for several years. We'll be seeing, for the very first time, our great-granddaughter...I cannot thank you enough for the assistance you've rendered to us. Words fall short, but, I hope this note of thanks relates just how, very grateful, we are to have been rewarded a voucher from your organization. We, desperately, need a break away from the intensive, one-on-one care mother receives to maintain her health, appearance, well-being and wholesomeness...So, I hope the above, brief summary of our challenges in caring for mother, gives you an idea of just how important the respite care voucher is to us. We're looking forward to a break. Again, thank you for your support to our family. I admire LMK Foundation for caring about the elderly and the caregivers who give of themselves to ensure that loved ones receive quality care, despite, their inability to express their feelings effectively. So many people forget the love that was shown to them from their parents when they get old but, I'll never forget mother's love and devotion. - Mrs. Phyllis Johnson

Dear LMK, Thank you! As a full time working mother of two children aged 7 and 5, and caregiver to my elderly mother...I was feeling so overwhelmed. The caregiver burnout was so much that I'd Turn my phone off during the day out of fear that I'd be called away from work, to pick my mom up off of the floor. (awful right??) I remember the call clearly...i was in Costco, and had just put a case of Ensure in the cart, when I got the good news that LMK could help my family. The grant provided, allowed for my mom to receive CNA services 3x a week for three weeks. Since the service started, she has gone from an average of 6/7 falls a week to none!! My children have been able to stay at Soccer practice the whole time instead of being pulled out early and I was even able to get an evening jog in, without feeling guilty. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful foundation and the relief that the foundation provided for our family. Thank you again. May you be blessed to continue this great foundation. - Sincerely, TW


Our deepest appreciation for the gift! Thank you for much needed time with my mother to regenerate our focus and strengths. What a blessing! - Sincerely, Julie Wiggins Donaldson


I just wanted to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the voucher that you graciously afforded me. It fills my heart and gives me joy to know that there are people like you creating ways for caregivers like me to take a well needed break. I have been fighting this battle for almost 9 years. My mother's Lewy Bodies Dementia diagnosis has attempted to consume her and everyone around her. I am her only caregiver I have been consumed in many ways. I feel isolated and lonely fighting a battle that is overwhelming. The one thing that keeps me going is my faith and hope in Jesus Christ because I believe He has led me to know good people like you. Your care and kindness lets me know that I am not alone. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And may God continue to bless you all. - Sincerely, DMH


Gary, Words can never express how much I appreciate your help and the grant. God bless you and you have taken so much stress off. I'm just in shock at the amazing blessing you have given us. Thank you so very much. - CIS, 10/15/15


Dear Mr. Kitchen, I can't thank you enough for the generous $500 voucher! Because of your wonderful gift, we were able to take a much needed family vacation while knowing that my mother would be safe and cared for, while we were gone. We had foregone this annual trip last year due to our situation and now realize how important it is for the well being of our family. Thank you again for honoring your mother in such a caring and giving way. Also, thank you to Meagan for the housing referral...., but Rachel Mullins has been a wonderful resource! God Bless You, - BP, 10/19/15